Understanding the Idea of Soccer Betting Odds and Calculating Possible Earning

Betting on soccer is a very popular activity in Brazil. Simply speaking, this process is focused on placing bets on a team with a chance of winning or losing the money that’s been wagered on. There are betting odds of the sport that lets you have calculated prediction of your chances of winning and at the same time, the sum of money you’ll win.

About Betting Probability

Probability lets you foresee what is going to happen in the bet you made. In most cases, predictions are correct for its backed by analysis and thorough studies of the sport you are betting on. Then again when working on probability, you’ll come across fractional odds. Knowing probabilities can help as well not just in sports betting but also, even when you’re playing on online sites like judi online terpercaya.

The latter is represented by a trailing slash that’s used to divide 2 whole numbers. With this, we can use the formula to calculate your probability:

Probability % = 2/(1+2)

Your calculation serves as your probability of winning your bet either 80% or 10%.

How about Your Winnings?

This one’s quite useful to calculate how much you are going to win after placing a bet. To compute, you have to use the formula earlier. 1 is the representation of your odds to win and 2 is how much you bet. But not all the time, there’s whole number on betting. How about if there are bets with decimal places in it? Don’t worry on this one because there’s a simple formula used to compute it and that’s your Winnings + (odds x stake).

Finding Value in Your Betting Odds

This is something that should not be taken for granted because simply speaking, it’s the best way of boosting your odds of success.

Sports bettors do know that in soccer betting odds, chances that they’ll make money have a bigger value. Those who are betting on this sport should understand how this concept works. Otherwise, you are en’route to losing money.

There are two probable outcomes when it comes to soccer sports betting and that’s:

  1. Positive and;
  2. Negative

You can either lose or earn money in the bets you made so you have to take into consideration using tools that will help in predicting how much percentage you have to win.

How Negative and Positive Value is Different?

Positive value is an indication that you have bigger probabilities of winning while negative value indicates that you have low chances of winning.