In Soccer as how United States calls it or Football as what the rest of the world know it, the sport follows strict rules. These rules are implemented in an effort to ensure that there is going to be a fair play for both teams and that order is maintained all throughout the game.

FIFA and the Sport itself

FIFA is the international body that oversees the sports and at the same time, they are the one that sets the law for the game.

The laws they have created are adopted all over the globe both by national organizations such as the US Soccer and federations alike.

Law 12

Under their law 12, it is covering misconduct and fouls which include those that are deemed to be reckless, using excessive force and carelessness. These actions are to be determined by the referees themselves.

Direct and Indirect Free Kicks

These plays where a trips, kicks, jumps at, strikes, tackles, pushes or charges another player can automatically lead into a direct free kick for the opposing team. In such case, the player can directly kick towards the goal.

Referees can also award indirect free kick or a kick that follows a stoppage where the player may pass the ball wherever he chose.