Lalatovic N

Soccer consists of 17 vital rules that keep the game in order and exciting. Among these rules though, there are some that stand out and given with more attention than others. Let’s try to discuss at least one of the essential rules in Soccer, a rule that seems to be pretty obvious but not everyone is mindful about.

You’re not Allowed to Use your Hands.

Well for sure, everyone knows about this rule. But for the benefit of everyone, those who do not have any clues of the sport may not know about this.

You can use your hand though, only if you are the team’s goalie.

What to Remember in this Rule?

However, there are two things to be cleared on this rule. First and foremost, rule for handball does include using any body part from the fingertips to shoulder and second, the right way of looking at this rule is that, players can’t handle the ball.

Ball that’s kicked and hits the arm or hands of the player isn’t considered as a hand ball. Rather, this indicates that the referee should use their own judgment to some degree to determine whether a hand ball is committed in purpose to gain advantage or by accident.