In soccer, there are two very popular card colors that are raised by the referees and these are the Yellow and Red Card. But there’s a new card color that’s shown in soccer and it is the “Green Card”. This was shown first at the Conifa World Cup as a disciplinary action to a player.

This color is signifying foul between red cards and the normal yellow cards.

It’s issued twice by referee Raymond Msahamba as Tuvala and Padania played each other in London’s tournament.

Conifa World Cup is designed for countries that aren’t associated with FIFA. Currently, it is being held at the non-league grounds in London.

What are the Applicable Rules for Green Card?

The green card’s rule for tournament means:

Any player who gets green card should immediately leave the playing field but can play as substitute if the team hasn’t used all substitutes. Players who receive green card will not be excluded from the next match.

The green card also has been used as a fair play capacity in Ireland at grassroots level.

The Three Color Cards

So in a nutshell, soccer uses 3 card colors to create a fair match in the game and these are Yellow Cards, Green Cards and Red Cards.