In Soccer, Red Card means that you are in for a serious offense like:

  • Tackling a player
  • Aggressively performed slide kicks

At the same time, a player receiving 2 yellow cards is already equivalent to 1 red card and is enough to throw off the player from the game. On the other hand, for those who have red cards, they are instantly sent off to the field and forbidden to return on the rest of the match. At the same time, they’re handed suspension starting from their next game.

As mentioned, players receiving 2 yellow cards are equivalent to 1 red card and when such happens, they’re dismissed from the match.

How Many Games Players will Miss?

Once the player received the red card, they are expected to miss a game. But this one is going to vary from rules of the competition. One thing is for sure though, there’s accompanied suspension for both. As general rule, one red card leads to automatic suspension of 1 or 3 games with the degree of punishment depends on how violent the player’s act was.

How Players acquire Red Cards?

There are many things on how a player can get a red card and this is by doing any of the following:

  • Guilty of serious foul play
  • Guilty of violent conduct
  • Denying the opposing team for a goal or obvious goal scoring opportunity
  • Using insulting, offensive or abusive gesture and/or language