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Like any other sports, soccer has a rule to follow as well. For avid fans and consistent punters, it is essential to be aware of these rules.

These span the basics of the game from the size of the ball, corner kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins and everything in between.

Fundamentals that Soccer Players should Know

At the same time, you want to learn about the essential plays and moves of the game. Passing is crucial and a skill to be worked on. Likewise what’s known as “first touch” can help big time in knowing what to do as soon as you get the ball. Of course, you have to practice your striking skills and be prepared to kick for a goal.

Defensive Header

Among the best known moves in soccer is called the Defensive Header. This is where you will be hitting the ball with your head. However, this move is something that should be done with great care to prevent injuries.


Expect coaches to advise you to fine tune your skills in avoiding fouls. You will not be penalized for whatever reason if you know what you are doing. At the same time, this can help you in preventing offside trap.