By the time when the ball left the playing field, there are three possible things that could happen and these are the:

  1. Throw In
  2. Corner Kick and;
  3. Goal Kick

In the next lines, let us try to discuss how each of it is different.

Number 1. Throw In

This is when the ball left the playing field together with one of the touch lines, two of the longest lines that are parallel to goal lines. This is put back to play with throw-in.

This is being awarded to which team didn’t touch the ball last just before it went out.

Number 2. Corner Kick

In case that a player puts the ball along with his goal line, then the opposing team will be awarded with a corner kick. On such plays, the ball will be positioned at the angle forming the goal and touch line and then, kicked into play.

Number 3. Goal Kick

Assuming that the player puts the ball beyond the goal line of the opposing team, then it’ll be the opposing team that’ll be awarded by a goal kick. Usually, these are taken by the goalie, though there’s no hard rule against outfield player taking it.