Markovic Z

There are several reasons when a referee can call penalty within a game. And these instances are what we are going to talk about in this article. If you are a true soccer fan and would like to expand your knowledge of the game, then you better make sure to read the following lines.

Impeding Progress

Referees may actually call for a penalty in the event that a player is impeding the progress of the game itself or another player.

Here, the opposing team will be given with a direct free kick either by the body part or jersey.

Delaying the game or impeding the opponent’s progress by stopping the goalkeeper to release the ball from their hands might lead to indirect free kick. Aside from that, the referee can raise a yellow card to anyone who intentionally delays the restart of the game for whatever reason.

Sign of Disrespect

Soccer rules are requiring players to show sportsmanship all the time in a match. Otherwise, they are expected to be given with penalties. Spitting at opponent automatically gives them direct free kick and red card. Disputing the decision of referee or any unsportsmanlike attitude is eligible for a yellow card.