It is always a very dramatic moment and sometimes, a turning point in every soccer match whenever the referee has called for penalty kick. Whenever a defender has committed foul inside the penalty box, the game is immediately stopped and offensive players are given with a free shot on the goal with just him and the goalkeeper standing in between for a score.

Referees may even take a disciplinary action on pitch which can range from disqualification or awarding free kicks when a foul in 1 of 5 areas are committed.

Ball Touching

All players, goalies exempted can just touch the ball using their hands when they are inbounding the ball or when a play is blown dead.

On the mean time, touching the ball intentionally while in the field during the game proper can lead to direct free kick for the opposing team. Making use of your hand to intentionally prevent scoring a goal is an automatic red card offense.

When a Goalie isn’t Exempted for a Penalty?

Even if the goalie might touch the ball, there are 4 situations when they can be penalized and these are:

  1. Holding the ball for 6 or more seconds
  2. Touching the ball after it is release and before another player gets contact with it
  3. Touching the ball after kicking it or;
  4. Touching the ball after it’s thrown for an inbound by their teammate