Petrovic R

It is safe to say that everyone loves soccer. The sport itself is so simple. From the gears, rules as well as team play, all of which contribute to why more and more people are becoming a fan.

Basics of the Sport

Like with all other sports, it is wise to start with the basic elements before playing the game. To give you an example, it’s interesting to know that up to this date, no knew who invented the sport. One thing’s for sure, the game is ancient.

Also in the US, the game is called as “Soccer” but to the rest of the world, it is widely known as “Football” which is a different type of sport as well in US.

Simplicity of the Game

Great news for both parents and players themselves is that, the game isn’t requiring expensive equipment. In essence, what you need to play the game are:

  • Long socks
  • Shin guards
  • Cleats
  • Shorts and;
  • Jersey

As for those who will play as the goalkeeper, you need headgear (not essential) and gloves. From there onwards, only the ball is separating you from your opponents and the two goals. But no worries, this is taken care of by your soccer association and your coach.