Free kick would be retaken in the event that the player is beyond the distance required before hitting the ball. The kick can be retaken as well if it’s taken by opposing team and not directly kicked out of penalty area.

A Free Kick taken by another Player than Goalie

Say for example that the ball is in motion and the kicker touched it again, except with their hands without other players touching it, then the team will be awarded by an indirect free kick.

This will be taken from the spot in which the infringement happened.

Kicker Handles the Ball Deliberately

Now, say that the kicker has intentionally handled the ball the moment that it’s in play after the kick, then the following may occur:

  • The rival team can be awarded by a direct free kick from the place where the infringement occurred or;
  • They’ll be awarded by a free kick in case that the handball occurred in penalty area of the kicker

Goalkeeper takes the Free Kick

Assuming that the ball is currently in play and the goalkeeper touches the ball again except this time with his hands without other player touching it, then this will give the opposing team an indirect free kick that will be taken from the area where infringement happened.