If free kick is indirect, then a second player should touch the ball before another team shoots at goal.

Indirect free kick is being awarded to rival team in the event that the goalkeeper, inside his penalty area has committed any offenses below:

  1. Took more than 4 steps while controlling the ball with hands prior to releasing it from possession
  2. Touched the ball again with hands after releasing the ball from possession and hasn’t touched by other players
  3. Touches the ball with hands after it’s been kicked deliberately by a teammate and;
  4. Touches the ball with hands after directly receiving it from throw-in taken by one of the teammates

Indirect Free Kick Awarded to a Team

Then again, indirect free kick can be awarded to a team in the event that the opposing team has done any of the following:

  1. Plays in a way that’s considered dangerous
  2. Preventing progress of opposing team without any contacts made
  3. Using abusive or offensive gestures and/or language
  4. Preventing goalkeeper to release the ball and;
  5. Attempting to kick the ball while the goalkeeper is in the process of releasing it

So those where the instances in which a team can get and penalized by an indirect free kick.