In soccer or football as how everyone else know about it, there are sections in the playing field that make the game more interesting such as the Goal, Penalty Area, Touchline, Halfway Line and so forth. Let us briefly discuss some of these sections.

Penalty Area

This is basically the portion of field in which the goalkeeper might be using their hands and the fouls are punished via penalty kick. This also includes penalty spot.

Goal Area                                                                                                 

A full-sized goal is measured at 24ft wide and 8ft tall. This is the standard measurement.

Halfway Line

This is dividing the field in half with spot in middle for the kickoffs. Players might not be able to cross from it from their side until the kickoff has been made.

In the middle, it has 10-yard circle too and during the kickoff, only 2 players are allowed to take it and stay inside.


This is the white chalk line that’s defining the field’s perimeter. If ever the ball has gone out either on long sides, it’s put back into play simply by a throw. Say that the ball goes on one of the goal lines, then the referee is going to award either a corner or goal kick, which all depends on which team has touch the ball.