Sloga Kraljevo

There are two linesmen in soccer whose job to officiate the game. Each linesman is assigned on each half end of the playing field. As what their name suggests, they are patrolling the length of touchlines between halfway line as well as the goal line. They are carrying flags that are bright in color as a signal whenever the ball left the pitch as a result of the following:

  • Corner kick
  • Goal kick or
  • Throw-in

Linesmen will be waving their flags at the same time in order to get the attention of the referee if they believe that they’ve seen a foul.

Can they make an Impact to the Game?

Lastly, it is the responsibility and job of a linesman to signal when the attacking player is in offside position by means of raising their flag. To be able to have the best view of the game and make such call, the linesmen stays level with the team’s last defender at all times. There are more info that you can find about this by checking out the “offside rule”.

Referees still have the Last Call

Regardless of how a linesman calls it, it will not affect the game unless the ref blows their whistle.