Novi Pazar

Fouls that are committed in soccer are being penalized either by a penalty kick or free-kick and this will depend on the severity of the foul and the type of foul made. FIFA, is the international body that is governing the sport. They have laid down rules and standards in their official handbook. In the handbook, it includes a thorough discussion of every infraction, foul as well as regulation in the game.

Direct Free Kick

One of this is the Direct Free Kick. By the time when the referee has stopped the game for a foul, he might award the team a direct free kick.

This means that the team resumes playing from the location of infraction with either a shot or pass at goal. Any members of rival team should be 10 yards away from the ball when it is kicked.

How it’s Awarded to a Team?

A team can get a direct free kick if one of the opposing team members have committed any of the following offenses:

  1. Attempts or kicks the opponent
  2. Attempts or trips the opponent
  3. Jumps at an opponent
  4. Charges towards an opponent
  5. Attempts or strikes an opponent and;
  6. Pushes an opponent