Just as with any other sports today, it comes with a history that dates back for a long time. Much like with the sport of soccer, it has a story that dates back long before man can remember. As a matter of fact, soccer is among the oldest sports that are played until today.

Foundation of Sport as we Know Today

According to FIFA, ball games such as soccer were being played for as early as 200 BC in United Kingdom.

Since its introduction, there has been massive change that took place of the sport. It was not until 1857 when Sheffield F.C, the very first soccer club was founded and established in England.

First Official Match

Whether you believe it or not, the oldest competition of the sport that’s still being played up to this date is the FA Cup in England. The competition was first played all the way back in 1871. The very first official associated game was held between 2 nations, Scotland versus England that was played on November 30, 1872, just a year after the competition was founded.

From there on, it escalated quickly and it was back in 1930 when the very first World Cup was hosted in Uruguay.